Week eight Term Paper

Rudel C. Freeman

Week 8 Term Paper


Teacher James Babcock

As I set by the Term Newspaper proposal, the key goal in this database can be parts answerability and making the most of man hours spent. As logistics guys difficulties factor in each of our jobs is definitely making sure the maintainers get their parts in due time and making sure they have every thing they need to get the job done properly and efficiently. The Air Force has a efficiency ranking system, with all the current problems that have been completely happening and that are each of our happening the efficiency score has been slipping and producing the base all together look poor. There have been a large number of incidents from the past and currently of parts coming up missing or parts certainly not making it to where they should be and this has caused us to shed countless man hours and funds. The several hours that could be used to fix jets and keep pushing out missions are used to find parts and fix problems that could have been averted. Hopefully with this new system in place checking the movements of the parts for each aircraft will be made easier for each from the FLS's. The users for the parts would be anybody that has anything to do with the entire process while using parts plus the maintainers. We certainly have many maintainers that give us a call on the a radio station and demand to know wherever their parts are located. All of us also have bigger ups who would like to know if perhaps all the necessary parts have been completely ordered and what the current status can be on the stated parts. By giving all of the people that would either have questions about or perhaps need the parts would be good for the whole product. Each jet has its own assigned FLS, and so being that every Jet's tail number might be a table each FLS needs to be each table's administrator. This make sense for the reason that FLS is the one who instructions parts because of their own plane. By being the only one to order parts against their plane they should be the only one capable of creating updates. My spouse and i also intend on having the brain of all the FLS's have...