The Frequency of Imperialism in the Modern World Dissertation

JP Elmblad


British -B

12th grade – Mortensen

The Prevalence of Imperialism


Imperialism is a policy of conquering and ruling different lands usually with a objective of solutions or property. Two recognized examples of imperialism lie in the movie, Character, and in the Belgian King Leopold's deceitful conquest in the Congo. Both the stories both have similar actions when it comes to the conquerors decisions, but it was obviously a bit more diverse when it came to the native peoples' reactions and way these people were treated by the " imperialists” against the threat of imperialism.

The two cases used to help better determine what and how Imperialism works is actual history, when Leopold took over the Congo; in the popular film, Avatar. Beginning with Leopold's rule of the Congo, the main motive behind Leopold's campaign was resources. Initially he wished ivory and after that he found there was more economical promise while using invention of cars, and car four tires need a lot of rubber. Leopold set out to enslave the people in the Congo to be the plastic harvesters intended for his economic climate, razed their particular villages for the ground pertaining to an quickly obtained plantation foundation, and paid all of them just enough to survive. This situation of all time differs via Avatar because the native people, the na'vi, were not captive. In Character, the " imperialists” in the plot would be the humans and in addition want a valuable resource known as unobtanium, which will also provides huge economic promise providing for twenty-million a kilo. In both equally examples, the " imperialists” are in it intended for the resources and could probably give a flying fuck about the natives. The difference between the cases caring but not caring is that in Leopold's situation, this individual lies for the world saying he is likely to help the natives; give it civilization with schools and remedies, all of which this individual did not strive. Whereas in Avatar, the scientists, which were one group (or side) of the human being " imperialists” which did try to give them schools, highways...