Essay on The Following Use Case Can be used to Establish Optimal Paths for a Buyer in an Automatic Web-Based Motion picture or Game Video Rental...

The following employ case can be used to determine optimal pathways for a buyer in an automatic (Web-based) movie or video game video rental scenario. Employ Case Identity: Create Lease Movie/Game Online video stock

Scenario: User have to enter a rent share for motion picture or video game video Causing Event: The client selects a title in the category Quick Description: This kind of use case describes the interactions that take place if a customer rent a video on the Web Actors: Client

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Preconditions: The customer will need to have an active account. The client meets age requirement of the video rating attached with the category. The category has been provisioned with titles.

Postconditions: A new order is created for the account.

The inventory can be modified to reflect the rented movies.

The system has debited the consideration and awarded the business pertaining to the cost of the video rentals. Circulation of Activities: ActorSystem

1 . The customer browses through the category and chooses a name. 2 . In the event the title can be bought, the system provides the media for it to the cart and the mass media is pending rental. several. When the consumer is finished selecting media, he places the order. To position the order, the customer is definitely authenticated and the account is definitely validated. The price tag on media is usually debited from the account. The media in the cart associated with the order is changed to Rented. The system appreciates the order.

Exception Conditions: The title is unavailable: the customer must make another decision. The consideration is broken due to past due late costs: see Pay Late Charges use case. The bank account is invalid due to a great invalid credit-based card: the system encourages the customer for a valid credit-based card.