The Birthday of Swatch Circumstance Analysing Article

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1 . In what ways was Swatch different than other watches on the market at the time of introduction? What were the " item forms” in the watch " category” just before Swatch? Ahead of the 1950's, The Swiss focused the watch market, the Swiss watches displayed the quality, status and prestige. Then the inexpensive competitors appeared and became popular which meant a danger to the Swiss watches. The Swatch (" Swiss” + " watch”) was the best result in this problem, that was a mass-market product, a low-end quartz watch. However the Swatch was different than various other low-end products, because it had a unique communication. Swatch was an psychological product, a significant part of the client's self-image. That they could add genuine feelings to this merchandise, attacked the low-end rivals with this kind of strong psychological message for this reason they can succeed. In the watch marketplace, there were low-priced, mid priced and high-priced watches. Prior to the Swatch, Swiss watches have been only inside the high-end category. But the Sample competed with all the low-priced quartz watches, such as the Timex or the Japanese businesses such as Hattori-Seiko and Citizien.

2 . Explain just how each of the portions of the promoting mix was utilized to create the brand. Consist of: Product design, Product line mgt and teaching, Promotion (media, designers, advertising---traditional vs . not traditional. ) Retail strategy, Brand interactions, Pricing approach What placement strategy do Swatch make use of? How was it developed? The product type of the Sample watches was unique, and although they were made of plastic-type material they presented specially designed within a youthful, provocative, stylish and sometimes unpredictable style that applied brash, strong colors. Costumers had a a comprehensive portfolio of choice, versions for every occasion, for every taste and personality. The design of the product represented the emotional communication, that the Sample watch was important portion of the customers' selves-images. The Swatch Design Laboratory is designed 2 collections each year with wrist watches in 70 different styles every collections. The 2 collections per year meant that the products were transformed so quickly and fresh models to enter the market on an recurring basis. One example is in Italia where folks are keen on style, the market erupted. In order to selling popular designed product, the organization hired music artists, architects and industrial designers to create them. They rotated and balanced the designers through the research laboratory, and they generally stayed in least 6th month to 2years to assure the variety and creativity and to avoid to be getting exhausted. Sometimes that they produced limited editions (like the Veggie line)...