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What God Says about Anger in the Bible

(c) 2001 Doug Britton (Permission granted to print out for personal use) Introduction

This kind of study is definitely part of a series of free online studies on anger. It is tailored from Triumph Over Grumpiness, Irritation and Anger. Each of our anger usually is not really righteous anger

Angry persons usually rationalize their anger, saying it's someone else's wrong doing they are angry. Yet the Holy bible repeatedly alerts us against giving in to anger while we are upset by simply other people's words and phrases or actions. There is this sort of a thing as righteous anger. And sometimes we need to talk about challenges or deal with dangerous scenarios. (Even at these times, we have to exercise self-control. ) Yet most of the time, the anger is not righteous. As James wrote, " Man's anger does not result in the righteous life that God desires" (James one particular: 20). Whenever we give in to anger, we frequently focus on our welfare, comfort and ease or happiness. Instead, you should be primarily worried about other people's well being and being a good see for Our god. As you can see inside the following Scriptures, God will not want all of us to simply behave emotionally to others' activities. Instead, we should respond with wisdom and a gentle soul. Verses caution us about anger

Keep from anger and turn into from difficulty; do not fret-it leads simply to evil (Psalm 37: 8). A trick shows his annoyance at the same time, but a prudent guy overlooks a great insult (Proverbs 12: 16). Reckless terms pierce just like a sword, nevertheless the tongue from the wise gives healing (Proverbs 12: 18). A wise guy fears our creator and shuns evil, nevertheless a trick is hotheaded and careless (Proverbs 13: 16 A quick-tempered gentleman does unreasonable things, and a crafty man is usually hated (Proverbs 14: 17). A patient person has great understanding, nevertheless a quick-tempered man shows folly (Proverbs 14: 29). A gentle response turns apart wrath, nevertheless a harsh word stirs up anger (Proverbs 15: 1). A hot-tempered person stirs up dissension, but a patient man calms a quarrel (Proverbs 15: 18). Better the patient man when compared to a warrior, a man who...