Problem Solving Composition

Problem Solving/Goal Setting/Action Planning Strategies

1 ) 4 Phases of Problem Solving

a. Creating the problem – being particular and cement – who have? what? For what reason? When? I realize that my partner is suffering from a form of despression symptoms. He can always be well for quite a while and then begin to feel straight down; feel that his life is no longer working for him. After a although his feeling lifts and he begins to feel very well again. If he feels down, he typically feels that me being part of his life forms some (or a lot) of precisely not working for him. On more than one event he features decided that individuals should distinct our lives. This is not something this individual has, as yet, followed through. When he seems well, this individual feels that we form element of his lifestyle which is rampacked and satisfying. The time span from sense well to feeling straight down varies and can be as little as a few weeks to weeks. b. Exploring the Problem

Though I truly truly feel for my partner I want this exercise of problem solving to be about the problems this brings personally. i. Exactly where my life with my partner is concerned, I cannot plan much into the future. My future plans are around those things I can both do without any help (should my personal partner leave) and that we can do collectively. This is restrictive about small decisions and massive life changing decisions. One which springs to mind is all about moving residence. ii. I have feelings penalized inadequate because when he is feeling straight down, he really feels that I am not a positive force in his life. iii. Even if he is very well, those sense he had of me staying inadequate he remembers and they " spill over” in to his feeling well period. This means That stuff seriously I'm hardly ever free of not being a letdown in his eyes iv. The moment he's straight down I obtain limited support from him and he's one more drain on my energy c. Eliminating the Problem (Goal Placing; Sub Goal Setting; Steps to Reach Goal). Being as specific as possible. we. Recognise the " up” time and make the most of this time. 2. Understand what support he requirements when he is feeling low...