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Kurt Odenwald

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September 23, 2013

Final Exam: Essay Concerns

1: We have a dispute among Lindenwood Pharmaceutic and Topfo. Lindenwood relies in the point out of Missouri, U. S. A., and Topfo is located in Germany. " Lindenwood sued Topfo in Missouri. ” Can a north american court work out power over the foreign firm outside of the us? Yes it may as soon as it " provides personal legislation over the defendant. Personal jurisdiction [exists when] the defendant has some close connection with the territory in which the suit is brought” (Barnes, Dworkin & Richards, 34).

Topfo includes a close connection with Lindenwood Pharmaceutic as they possess signed an agreement for production and distributing a restorative product. Additionally, Topfo's and Lindenwood's business owners have discussed contracts in Missouri. If perhaps Topfo features signed an agreement with Lindenwood during the conference, they did organization. " Personal jurisdiction if the non-resident defendant is physically present in that territory” (34). Therefore , the Missouri the courtroom might have personal jurisdiction more than Topfo. If perhaps Topfo " mailed royalty payments to Lindenwood, ” the Missouri court does have personal legal system. A nonresident defendant that did several acts or perhaps transactions in the territory could be sued with a U. T. company (34). The Missouri courts have got jurisdiction.

2: " Noell sued Lindenwood for break of the agreement and searched for damages. Lindenwood said that it was Noell that breached the contract. ”

Lindenwood features learnt regarding some " turbine failures in Egypt and Hungary” supplied by Noell, so that they decided to breach the deal with the organization. This decision is absolutely understandable because Lindenwood takes the risk that their turbines will not likely work after installation of the turbines.

As for Noell, the company has started its actions to supply Lindenwood Marine. These operations require expenditures. Furthermore, they " e-mailed Lindenwood that the generators would satisfactorily do the job. ” As Lindenwood breaches the contract and refuses Noell to perform, Noell has suffered losses.

In such a case, Noell has failed to perform their obligations in Egypt and Hungary, however it does not necessarily indicate that it will fail in Missouri.

Under the Uniform Commercial Code, if the buyer repudiates the deal, the seller can obtain damages (397). For instance, Noell can ask for the profit that they lost since Lindenwood did not go through while using contract (Seller's Damages pertaining to nonacceptance or perhaps Repudiation 2-708). Precisely, the company can look for compensatory damage; " they are really generally scored by the reduction in benefit of the guaranteed performance” ((Barnes, Dworkin & Richards, 318). On the other side, Lindenwood has the right to reject items if they do not " assume that they conform to the contractual specifications” (337). Finally, the customer (Lindenwood) gets the right to revoke acceptance if they " accepted the products without understanding of the non-conformity ” (380). non-etheless, Lindenwood and Noell signed an agreement. Noell was fulfilling the obligations; Lindenwood did not.

3: The Buy of Trappist monks drag into court the New jersey State Table of Funeral service Director as it " rejected the monks their privileges to Credited Process and Equal Protection under the Fourteenth Amendment. ”

The " Due Process Clause prohibits the federal government coming from depriving anybody of lifestyle, liberty, or perhaps property, devoid of due process of law” (Barnes, Dworkin & Richards, 88). The " Equal Protection Clause forbids any point out from arbitrarily discriminating against persons” (89). In this case, the Iowa Express of Board does not violate the Fourteenth Amendment from the Constitution. To the contrary, they expressly stated situations the monks must follow in order to be able to sell the cases. It is the " Iowa law” that requires " all revenue of caskets to be by using a state-licensed memorial director in support of at the point out licensed funeral home. ” The law is the law. If the monks cannot meet these types of requirements, that they...

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