Protecting Seaweed Research Daily news

MATTER: The problems and solutions with seaweed.

SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To inform my audience the dangers forward if we usually are careful with sea bud cultivation. THESIS STATEMENT: Whenever we aren't very careful with our ocean weed consumption, since consumers you will be hurting your wallets, and as environmentalists you're going to be suffering from much worldlier concerns.


Seaweed, it's not something we see or even think about everyday, so why should it be the main topic of my conversation? Even though you may see it each day, you happen to be in contact with that everyday. Ocean weed can be found in obvious things like sushi, but it can also be found in items like your bubble gum, womens makeup products, paints, and even your tooth paste; but why should this matter? If we usually are careful with the seaweed intake, as customers you will be hurting your wallets and handbags, and as environment activists you will be affected by much worldlier problems.

TRANSITION: Because consumers, what are the problems we all face?


Seaweed is found in many of products, yet by over farming it what happens to us specifically? Take this for example. A. Here's a photo of tooth paste. Both these images are precisely identical except that one has applied sea marijuana extract as well as the other has used it's replacement unit form. Realize that one is practically double the expense of the different. How is this? Sea marijuana is farmed because it develops incredibly quickly. According to marine biologists some grow between being unfaithful and doze feet in just three months; for that reason making it affordable to harvest. Yet corporations took advantage of the seaweed's quick growth rate. A. Underwater biologists in a local climate conference mentioned that over 8 , 000, 000 tons of seaweed and wrack are cultivated each year! Were scooping it out of the water faster then it can reproduce; much exactly like the problem of deforestation. B. This is creating consumers products to go up in price and damage your costs.

Move: Yet, you will discover long conditions...