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Time for Learning and Academic Competencies (SBUS1005D)


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Returning to Learning & Academic Competencies (SBUS1005D) School College Dublin ___________________________________________________________________________________

Creator: Janice Byrne, Dr Linda Dowling-Hetherington and Dr Orna O'Brien Changes by SinГ©ad D'Arcy, Mairead Hogan and Oonagh Sweeney (2011)

This manual was prepared to get University School Dublin as being a comprehensive support for students completing the above mentioned Degree programme.

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Module Co-ordinator: Ms SinГ©ad D'Arcy

Info Office: Q112, First Floor, UCD Quinn School of Business Office Hours: 9. 30am – 5pm Monday - Friday Email: sinead. [email protected] ie Telephone: 01 716 4738


Returning to Learning & Academic Competencies (SBUS1005D) University College Dublin ___________________________________________________________________________________

TABLE OF CONTENTS SITE Welcome message 1 ) INTRODUCTION a. Background with the Topic m. Module Seeks 2 . COMPONENT OUTLINE a. Learning Effects b. Component Text c. Themes and Topics g. Learning Facilitates 3. MODULE DELIVERY PLAN a. Program Planner 4. ASSESSMENT SPECIFICS 5. GRADING a. University grading plan b. Grade descriptors intended for assessment components 6. ISSUES Topic you: Managing the Learning for University Subject 2: Preparing and Organising Your Examine Topic three or more: Learning from Classes Topic four: Reading Theme 5: Note-Taking Topic six: Memory Tactics Topic several: Essay Composing 1 – Planning & Structure Topic 8: Dissertation Writing a couple of – Grammar & Punctuation Topic being unfaithful: Referencing Guidelines Topic 12: Sourcing Data Topic 14: Preparing for Examinations Bibliograhy

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several. CONCLUDING REMARKS APPENDICES Appendix 1: Crucial Documents Appendix 2: SafeAssign Explained Appendix 3: Test Timetable Appendix 4: Advised Abbreviations Appendix 5: Sample Assignment Cover Sheet Appendix 6: Test Essay Plan 1 . Recommendations for the Late Submitting of Homework 2 . A Briefing Record for Students in Academic Sincerity and Plagiarism

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Getting back to Learning & Academic Competencies (SBUS1005D) University or college College Dublin ___________________________________________________________________________________

First message As manager of the Getting back to Learning & Academic Competencies module, I wish to welcome one to the component. This is the to begin two examine skills expansion modules you'll certainly be undertaking throughout the coming year. This module has become specifically designed for mature college students returning to education on a part-time distance learning basis. The module will assist pupils in producing the key study skills necessary to successfully result in a Diploma as well as Degree system. Topics protected include: returning to education as being a mature pupil; learning strategies and study techniques and approaches, planning and getting study, period management, reading techniques, notetaking techniques, memory techniques, concepts of good essay-writing, referencing protocol, use of library and assessment techniques. Version Techniques Evaluation Technique Reading/ Note-taking

Study & Materials Evaluation

Key Study Skills

Essay publishing


Organising Study as well as Time Management

Memory Methods

Should you require clarification in any subject pertaining to the module, please do not be reluctant to contact myself. I look ahead to working with you throughout your research and would like you every single success as you begin this kind of programme of study.

SinГ©ad D'Arcy Module Co-ordinator, Returning to Learning & Academic Expertise (SBUS1005D)


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