Essay in Student Absenteeism

The causes of absenteeism of students happen to be

1 . Deficiency of Subject Curiosity

2 . Not enough Personal Interest in studies.

3. Available options for entertainment like department stores, movie halls etc . 4. The mental capacity of your students would not matches together with the the program opted. 5. Too much Pamperness from relatives.

6. Poor people teaching expertise of a instructor also keep away student from the school.

several. Lack of self confidence

8. Ragging also cause absenteeism

9. Lack of allied activities as well causes absenteeism like zero sports system, no freshers or goodbye parties, zero annual day time celebration etc .

10. Poor food of canteen might also be consider as one of the reason for absenteeism.

11. Poor infrastructure center in school just like no place within a library to sit is additionally one of the purpose of absenteeism.

12. Almost all of the students performing private coaching s for entrance assessments such as medical engineering and/or preparing for their particular board exam, s through private college tuition causes absenteeism in school & college.

13 Excess of groundwork and sometimes dread from exam keep away learners from school/college.

14 Preparing for the participation in TV shows in dance musical or operating, G. E. contest programs also increase the percentage of absenteeism.

15. Preparation for exam causes absenteeism.

16. If perhaps school or perhaps college is far off the proportion of absenteeism may maximize.

17. More than expectation of fogeys also degrade the attendance of a pupil when s/he is unable to manage parent nature of making assessment among their very own children of with the friends of their kid.

18. A lot of socialization triggers absenteeism. That mostly occurs during teenager age and college when the students forms a group to freak out.

19. When a lot more than desired features are provided by simply parents including CAR, Mobiles, High Amount of cash as Bank Money trainees start taking pleasure in those features and becomes absent.

twenty. Inferiority complex within pupil causes...