Unit 1 Upgrade letter Essay

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Javier D. DeJesus


Jon McHenry


To: Valerie Bernier, Dentist

RE: Can I upgrade Office?

Hi Valerie,

I want to thank contacting myself, I will be more than prepared to suggestions you in making a good decision towards your organization. First off I have to inform you that Windows XP support ended previous April 2014, with this said My spouse and i strongly recommend you to upgrade your workplace with House windows 7 professional. With the given specifications of your workstations House windows 7 Specialist 32-bit variation will operate on your machines smoothly without having problems without hardware update required.

So what would be the advantages of Home windows professional 7? Well aside from being a key upgrade, your workstations can run 40% faster. Home windows 7 professional provides many amounts of benefits, keeps confidential information secured, protects your workstations against viruses, spyware and adware, prevent data loss, works with advanced security and back-up features. Performance total from booting up, starting and interacting with files will be faster and smoother. The stability on Windows 7 specialist will enable your work stations to run more rapidly and be very reliable.

1 feature which will also help your remote workstations is the offline file feature, which will automatically retail store copies with the network data on your regional drives, with this users can get files even when the network is not available. The learning competition is very low, users coming from Windows XP will discover Windows six very easy because of the similar software and applications.

Valerie I hope these details helps you for making a good business decision and improves your network performance greatly. If you have any more inquiries or technical issues you may need tips on, please don't hesitate in contacting myself. I will be more than prepared to help you or visit the office for a more in depth examination.


Javier T. DeJesus

ITT Professional...