Problem Identity Essay

There is always a problem in an organization that must be settled. There are many different types of decision making processes that an organization may use to help deal with these concerns. This conventional paper will examine some of the several types of decision making procedures with examples from several organizations. Including the decision producing processes abilities and failings, as well as evaluating and contrasting them with each other. This daily news will also describe how a issue will best be identified and described to stakeholders in a fashion that is delicate to their views.

All of the different agencies and their decision making processes change tremendously. The Stanford Medical center payroll as well as the store director in a retail store seem to strategy things in a similar manner because almost everything has to be discussed, analyzed, worked on, re-worked, and finalized before it can be accomplished. The YMCA decision making procedure is also similar in that the situation can easily be determined and then an alternative can be determined. By simply examining all the aspects and considering what is needed, why the choice has to be a particular way, or perhaps what is expected from the outcomes, all three of those organizations can make decisions which is successful and in addition easily unpredictable if the will need arises. The Navy's making decisions process seems more involved than the others since it is a constant number of questioning, giving an answer to, and asking the situation once again until one last cause and result can be determined. Instead of getting very methodized in the organizing such as with the other businesses, decision making needs to be worked out towards a more complicated way. This is good because there is a higher chance of accomplishment after the decision is made and alterations might not be required being the case in a few of the other making decisions processes. Overall it depends for the situation and what exactly the organization has so far as expectations, period constraints, and...