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Daniel Beauchamp

English language 11 Gatsby/Emily Essay 3/4/14

Both the works A Rose to get Emily by William Faulkner and The Great Gatsby simply by F. Scott Fitzgerald the two use obsessive love to convey the eventual ruination of both primary characters. A Rose for Emily simply by William Faulkner is about women whose live is sprinkled by loneliness brought on by her father, who also rigorously refused suitors because none of them were " good enough” for her. This eventually causes her worrying over people that she really loves. In The Wonderful Gatsby simply by F. Jeff Fitzgerald, a man named Gatsby, obsesses on the woman called Daisy. This really is shown by him being noticed in his yard every night, staring at the green lumination on the edge of her dock. Likewise, George Wilson kills Gatsby in the end because he believes that Gatsby murdered his better half, who George was captivated with.

A Rose to get Emily by William Faulkner is about a mid-1800s female who lives in the southern region. She is coming from a wealthy family who have a powerful reputation in the community. She attempts to find anyone to marry her whole life, but her father keeps turning men apart. Eventually your woman becomes captivated with her father because he is a only person in her life that she has to love. When ever her daddy dies plus the town comes to collect the entire body, she forbids that he can dead and refuses to stop his body. Then, the moment she satisfies Homer Grande, she understands that " He is not the marrying type” (Faulkner) and desperately tries to get him to remain. She at some point becomes therefore obsessed with him, that the girl poisons and kills him for fear of him leaving her. The use of the literary factor, flashback, was your main structure of the account. Faulkner utilized flashback to foreshadow several events inside the story and tell regarding Emily's your life story....