Management Level 3 Health insurance and Safety Dissertation

Health and Protection Risk Management Survey


The essence this component is to study Health and Protection Risk Management in the setting. The process which I will probably be carrying out would be the investigation of policies, types of procedures and procedures implemented in order to manage risks and maintain the health and protection of every person within the environment. The following responsibilities are to be performed in order to analysis the health and safety protocols: * Evaluation of mishaps within the placing

* Risk Assessment of Pre-school

* Policies and Procedures Integrated

2. Research to recognize whether procedures and understanding is up to day. In order for this research to be done files, documents and current policies within the setting will probably be investigated. Benefits

Analysis of Accidents within just Setting

The analysis of accidents was carried out by looking at the information kept peculiarity in the month of This summer, from the documents was carried out an Accident Evaluation Sheet. This identified that there was an overall total of 18 accidents inside the full establishing. The accident's was structured mainly upon trips, slipping and falls. Risk Evaluation of Pre-school

The Risk analysis of the Pre-school identified dangers within the aspects of Fire, manual handling, electricity, equipment, slips trips and falls, doing work at level and COSHH. The risks which are identified must have responsibility mainly with the staff and safety procedures need to be used in order for the and basic safety of every person to be successful. Procedures and Types of procedures Implemented

The Policies and Procedures which I found had been implemented was the Health and Safety Policy for Staff, total concentrating on the whole of the setting with procedures to adhere to, the methods which was concentrated on were things such as Back garden Checklist, Area Checklist, Cleaning Rota's and so forth.. this ensures that staff are following protocol to keep track that health and security procedures are been used correctly and...