Lesson Strategy Essay


The Identity: SMA ____________

Subject: English (Language Program)

Class/Semester: XI/Gasal

Time Allocation: some x 40 minutes

Material: Membaca kemudian Menulis

Proficiency Standard:


3. Memahami naskah di dalam konteks public speaking sederhana


4. Mengungkapkan makna dalam konteks persiapan public speaking simple

Basic Competence:

3. you Membaca naskah public speaking simple dengan nyaring dan dengan pelafalan yang tepat sebagai Master of Ceremony

4. 1 Menulis naskah formal presentations sederhana sebagai Master of Ceremony

I actually. Learning Objectivities

In the end of study, 73% of all learners will be able to:

a. Identify the role of master service

b. Read the master of ceremony's screenplay with very good pronunciation, tension and timbre.

c. Identify the universal structure of master of ceremony's screenplay.

d. Write down thier script of master service

II. Learning Material

1 . The sort of master service script

Good night time Ladies and Gentlemen. A warm meet to you all to this workshop organized by office of Lollita Art (OLA). Our session now will cope with the topic " Being Young Entrepreneur, Don't Offer Chance to Other to consider Your Big Work”.

A quick term about tonight's program: we shall begin with a talk by our honorable presenter, Mrs. Fatimah Zahra, coming from Semarang. She's the overseer of Lollita Art Also Organizer. She started his business when ever she was 19 yr old and now, she has 5 twigs. She has also involved in a number of seminars dealing with Entrepreneurship. This kind of seminar will probably be followed by a quick question and answer treatment, where you will always be free to exchange ideas with her. Around 8 o'clock tonight when the talk proves, the reception will curriculum vitae, and we possess arranged refreshment outside for you personally. Since Mrs. Fatimah Zahra is capturing her trip home this evening, much even as we would like to have her right here longer around, we have to make certain that she may be allowed to keep the area by eight. 30.

As you may be well aware, this kind of seminar has been organized to mark the closing associated with an in-house seminar organized simply by OLA in entrepreneurship study. This seminar actually started out last week now is the previous day.

Our company is very honored to have invited Mrs. Fatimah Zahra to talk about a few words and phrases to us. Mrs. Fatimah Zahra, the floor is yours.

2 . Vocabulary assessment








three or more. Pronunciation with the word depending on the screenplay

Welcome: /Л€wel. kЙ™m/

Seminar: /Л€sem. ЙЄ. nЙ‘Лђ 3rd there’s r /

Ethical: /ˈɒn. ə r. ə. bl ̩/

Loudspeaker: /Л€spiЛђ. kЙ™ r /

Organized: /Л€Й”Лђ. g Й™ n. aЙЄz/

Conclude: /kЙ™nЛ€kluЛђd/

4. Universal structure of master wedding script

1 . Introduction

installment payments on your Body (explaining who the speaker is)

3. Physique (explaining what the programme is)

4. Final

5. Movement of learn ceremony

1 . Opening: " Good afternoon. My brand is…”

2 . Introducing the wedding: " Meet to this event” 3. Launching the speaker: " The speaker for this day is…” 4. Shutting: " Thank you for your participation”

III. Method of Study

• Reading activity

• Question and response

• Dialogue

• Writing activity

IV. Steps of Learning Activity

First meeting



1 . Greet and introduce themselves.

2 . React teacher's inquiries in order to become even more friendly and comfortable with the state. 3. Reply teacher's query about students' attending. 5. Pay attention the goal of study which in turn teacher says to reach the goal. a few. Respond the teacher's query related to the fabric with their individual knowledge. Elaboration:

1 . Tutor asks learners to express their particular idea the actual know about the...