Essay about Legislative Traffic monitoring System

Online Legislative Record Checking System

to get Cagayan para Oro Metropolis

A Project Proposal

Shown to

The faculty of STI College Cagayan De Oro City

In Partial Fulfillment

With the Requirements pertaining to the Degree of

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


Agcopra, Eric R.

Ano-os, Irlan Joe L.

Pacturan, Mea Ann H.

Sucgang, AlfieJaymar D.

Ms. Rose Ann Agbu

Project Adviser

August 2013


Every day, pcs turn out to be one of the important electronics in today's society. With ICT or Info and Conversation Technology, computer systems and other electronic communication gadgets, together with a helpful global program which is the world wide web, do provide integrated connection system that helps a lot in improving the lives of each and every human being. And as of today, countries all around the world begin to embrace that modern technology.

Cagayan de Riqueza City is aВ highly-urbanized first class and capitalВ cityВ of the region ofВ Misamis OrientalВ inВ Mindanao, Philippines. This serves as the regional centre and organization hub of Northern MindanaoВ (Region X). This currently offers 80 barangays divided into two districts. With such a big territory and growing populace, the city authorities is getting ways to increase its providers to the community.

The City Authorities of Cagayan de Oro aims to possess quick and smooth government transactions especially in the Legislative Details Division in which lots of documents like ordinances and promises are to be tracked, recorded and published. The said department currently includes a system calledLegislative Record Tracking System, a computerized program that keeps trail, monitors the completion and stores recommended and authorized ordinances and resolutions asked or petitioned by specific individuals. Permitted ordinances and resolutions will be then getting published to newspapers and also other publications press for open public awareness. Despite of having this product that is in a position of all the techniques, the Legal Information Department would like to have a system that could track and published all their records online. With the division's objective, the proponent attended up with a web Legislative Record Tracking System that would result in easy checking and guides of all the ask for and request from the client.


Computerization in the Legislative Information Trademark Cagayan sobre Oro Town Council goes back from 2011 when the Town Secretary proposed to create a digital system for their tracking of records. And the system is in a position of monitoring records off-line. As metropolis Council desired to have their traffic monitoring and syndication online, The proponents include chosen to develop an online record tracking program that will give concise laws and resolution publications to the inhabitants of Cagayan para Oro Town and have an internet communication between client request and the city councils' response.

1 . 2 Overview of Current State of Technology

The program of the metropolis council section was developed this year and it's not an online system. With several Circular from the City admin of Cagayan de Riqueza City from your different worried departments and citizens in the Cagayan sobre Oro metropolis, the said system is no online program comply in the said papers. Furthermore, a web Legislative Record Tracking Strategy is needed to boost the services offered by the city govt.

1 . a few Project Explanation

Online Legislative Record Monitoring System of Cagayan de Denaro City is designed mainly for showing publication and tracking of records through the Legislative Information Division on the net for inhabitants' awareness. This is the assistance intended for concerned individuals requesting pertaining to petition and resolution. With this on the net transaction, this will be beneficial to all the citizen of Cagayan de Riqueza City also to all the staff of the Legislative Information Division of the City Authorities for faster and easier access of...