Katie And Joe Play Essay


[Katie is in the living room resting on the chair with her headphones on. Joe can be standing near Katie, Joe speaks first. ] Joe: Kate. [Pause] Katie. [Pause] KATIE!

Katie: Oh my own god, what dad!?

Paul: We need to discuss something.

Katie: What we likely to talk about?

May well: Why are the grades and so low?

Katie: [Katie shrugs. ]I how to start, ugh it can be what it is.

Later on: This isn't a tale you have to start off boosting your marks up. Katie: But… [Pause] ugh It doesn't even matter anymore.

[Joe stares at Katie, Pause]

Joe: Wait around; is this with regards to your mother? Is she the reason the grades are incredibly low? Katie: No it isn't about her.

[Joe's phone beeps. ]

Joe: You went to Dr . Phil cannella yesterday simply by any chance?

[Joe walks to the other side in the room picks up a charger and strolls towards the tiny round table where there was an outlet and plugs in the charger and puts his phone on the table. ] Katie: Yeah… [Pause]

Later on: What did you folks talk about?

Katie: Doesn't matter.

[Joe frowns]

Paul: You know you are able to tell me nearly anything, right?

Katie: That's among me and Dr . Phil cannella. [Long pause]

We only talked about mommy, again.

May well: Oh, I realize.

[Joe walks as well as sits alongside Katie]

Katie: Mother is coming back, right?

Joe: Sweetie, Janice… I mean the mother, she has gone… She has not coming back. [Katie starts tearing]

Paul: Katie [Long Pause] will be you-

Katie: I'm fine!

[Joe walks to the stand across the table that placed napkins and walks back again with the paper napkin at hand] Later on: Oh my own god, Kate!

[Katie is crying and will take the cushion from the sofa and buries her face in this. Joe operates to the settee and rests down] Joe: It will be okay, an individual cry ever again. [Katie cries harder. Joe let us Katie weep for a while and let it all out] Later on: It's going to be okay sweetie. Below wipe the face with this. [Joe held his hand out with the napkin even now at his hand]

Katie: Merely leave me personally alone!

[Katie promotes his hand out the way, the napkin lures across the room] Paul: Katie!