Information Technology Dissertation

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(80 Marks)

NB: 1) There are two major case studies in paper.

2) Each example is of 45 mark every

3) Fix the inquiries given below the case study

4) Be synthetic in your strategy.

Google. Com — The World's Number 1

Internet Search Engine

" A successful dot. com is a uncommon thing. For starters founded simply in late 1998, and -- ivorse -- a dotcom that includes advertising and marketing as one half of its strategy, Google's improvement is a feat. But then it can be argued that Google has become flying in the face of conventional knowledge since its launch. ” -- Neil McIntosh, ‘Seeking Search Engine Perfection, ' (The Guardian), January 2002.

" Yahoo had not a new single print or television advertisement up to now and most people felt that after it was released there was not only a market another search engine. But with all other search engines like google developing in to portals, Yahoo stuck for the basics now it is better than every other search engine. ” -- Matthew Ragas, Consultant, ‘The Cult Runs Deep, ' (The Financial Times), Mar 2003.


In early 2003. Googlc. com (Google). the California (US) based firm Google Inc. 's search engine, was called the ‘Best Search Engine' by Pandecta magazine. Google also received the ‘Outstanding Search Service' award simply by Search Engine View. 2 The major search engines Watch newsletter claimed that Google was the most heavily used search site simply by Internet browsers. These improvements were not a significant surprise pertaining to Google, which usually had received many this kind of awards and recognitions since its inception over 10 years ago (Refer Demonstrate I).

Google was favored by countless browsers above search engines such as Alta Windows vista, Infoseek, Netscape and Lycos. Not only do Google ranking much higher than any other search engines when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness, additionally, it scored above others in terms of layout due to the uncluttered seem (Refer Show II to get a comparison of popular search engines). Google searched more than 3 billion web pages and refined more than two hundred million search requests daily. The search engine can search for create file type on the World Wide Web, in 36 different languages and presented interface in 86 different languages.

The fact that Google came into existence a household name (reportedly, a generic term for search engines) without even spending anything on print/television advertisements or online banners was thought to be a commendable achievement, Its success was typically attributed to it is constant concentrate on providing the best search services online, at terms of speed as well as accuracy. Lewis Page (Larry), CEO and co-founder of Google commented. ‘It is through our maniac quest to offer only the best technology and search experience that Google offers earned its reputation. ” _________________________________

1A search engine is definitely an Internet primarily based utility in order to surfers seek out specified keywords by showing a list of documents (web pages) on the World Wide Web that contain those keywords. Different search engines use their very own on amazing software to provide faster, better and important search results with their users. Many popular search engines like yahoo, such as Yahoo and Suscripcion Vista, are free-to-use.

2Pandecta is a monthly c-business magazine for Internet entrepreneurs. Search Engine View is a leading Internet technical guide pertaining to web developers and search engine users.

BACKGROUND NOTE ____________

The founders of Google. Lam Page (Larry) and Sergey Brin (Sergey) graduated in computer science from Stanford University in 1995. Simply by January mil novecentos e noventa e seis, the duet began focusing on extending their summer job work on google search. They wanted to develop a technology that would access a relevant group of data by a massive repository of information. That they named all their search engine ‘BackRub' because of its capability to identify and analyze ‘back links' that pointed into a given website. Larry started creating a completely new server3...