Forensics Article

October 23rd 2011

SCI 183

Case Study: Scott Peterson- A case of Circumstantial proof

Presented to Dr . Lyer


Student amount

Department of Forensic Scientific research

Ted Rogers School of Management/ Kerr Hall

Ryerson University

Case Study- Essay/Report

Use of physical evidence(DNA) and information- Scott Peterson: An instance of Circumstantial Evidence

Through this survey, I will be furthermore talking about the conviction of Scott Peterson regarding the tough of his 27 yr old former school sweetheart, Laci Peterson. The main reason I chose to publish about this case is because I was intrigued incidentally Scott Peterson was verified guilty. After reading concerning this investigation I truly prized the use and importance that the legal law industry establishes in Forensic Technology. When scanning this case, individually, the reader previously has an notion of who could possibly be possibly guilt ridden. However rights isn't substantially made until physical and valid facts is delivered to the stand. This is wher the whole concept of Forensic Research comes into place and plays a huge function in verite. For the sake of Laci Peterson, her unborn son and her friends and family, useful forensic research led to Scott Peterson being sentenced to death by simply lethal injections. Collection of particular physical evidence and particular procedures will probably be explained throughout this statement.

This report is far more focused on the value of types of physical evidence that was gathered in order to fix the criminal offenses. Physical proof is accumulated on the crime scene in addition to anybody's personal belongings in who is linked to the investigation. In this case forensic facts was instructed to be accumulated as prosecutors needed valuable evidence that utmost shows the accused of being guilt ridden. With this kind of being stated, the case of Scott Person was fixed due to Forensic analyst. Forensic Scientist utilized the DNA route pertaining to solving the entire mystery in back of Laci Peterson's death....