Essay upon Film Examination of Mamarazzi, Ploning and a Very Particular Love

University with the East

Caloocan Campus

College of Disciplines and Sciences

Department of Communication Artistry

A Film Research submitted to

Prof. Efren C. Gimoto Jr.

In Partial Fulfillment

Of the Requirements

In CA211 Communication Theory


Prado de Yahve Jr., Jardin V.

August 2011

Motion picture: Mamarazzi

I. Synopsis

The movie opens focusing on Violy's everyday life as a manager/make-up artist at her very own memorial parlor named Funeraria Langit; To Die For. This shows how she deals with and deals with every user's desire and almost crazy request their departed love ones just like doing a make-over on a lifeless gay, reassuring an old female who's crying over the coffin of her husband around the age of twenties calling him " babe” and producing a body smile. The scene was cut when the maid referred to as Violy due to Dingdong (AJ Perez+) whom again gets imprisoned due to trouble. Your woman gets Dingdong out of jail and decided to go home riding their business' hearse, which made Dingdong opt to just go house walking. This opens to another scene with Mandy (John Lapuz), a baranggay captain and Violy's best friend, because they walk to the town area, discussing Dingdong's behavior. Alternatively, Violy delivers her advice and tip to Blood (Andi Eigenman) who dreams to be a well-known figure skater and even claim " go skate someplace else” to a skater whom blocks Strawberry's way. Regrettably, Strawberry loses her balance and falls down, making the overreacting mother to help her from the rink and protect her from Strawberry's detractors. Within the parlor, Violy reprimands her staffs of the business and explaining how people manufactured their life end simpler and even talking about their motto " Habang may Patay, May Pag-asa”. Witty and clever Peachy(Andi Eigenman), Strawberry's twin sis, then came home and discussed how come she emerged late. Strawberry then described that it is due to her sweethearts who cannot understand and even talk to her properly as a result of her advanced of considering. She then uses her charm to her mother to ensure that she may have enough money to buy a new cosmetic makeup products set then left. Violy noticed Dingdong and let him know where he's going, when ever Strawberry revealed that he'll always be courting a female, Violy then offered their particular hearse as a ride and Kalachuchi flowers as a surprise saying " Mabango na may meaning pa! ” making Dingdong left instantly. Mimi (Carla Abellana), Mandy's niece and dreams to become popular actress someday, toss powerful lines to himself and when Mandy noticed her, she got reprimanded to not dream like a star because of her substantial educational attainment. Mimi discussed in a dramatic accent which was cut the moment somebody named Mandy, exposing that they are house caretakers. Dingdong came and gave blossoms to Mimi as a surprise for their article sessions in Chemistry. All of a sudden, Mimi's partner who is linked to Showbiz industry came reducing their " so called Common understanding. ” Back to Violy's house, Peachy is seen busy making their self beautiful in front of the mirror. Violy then went in and consulted Peachy for her teacher's call regarding Peachy getting her boyfriend in the locker room room. Peachy then declared that her teacher's accusation is definitely wrong outlining that the son is not her man. Peachy then explained that her ex's are as usual not intelligent and not suited for her, telling her mother not to be anxious for she actually is born a genius. Alternatively, Dingdong, Peachy and Strawberry looked for mom requesting questions where hell their dad is. Peachy explored Violy's tanda of their father involve within a shipwreck previous April six, 1996 which is proven to be phony. Violy then simply fixed herself and declared that it is not a ship although a boat, she discussed that it is probably not reported and never to rely on the internet because she is older than it. The three then did start to ask questions and even worried that they might got a chance to come across their father yet they didn't know. The three after that started to analysis by themselves without the help...