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Since 1999, Boeing started to losing sales heavily to its competition which is Airbus based on France because Airbus's airplanes will be more innovative and cheaper than Boeing's. Because of it, the amount of Boeing's clientele and airplane's orders are being lowered. In order to outrun Airbus and dominate once again on their market, Boeing had to create a new airline which will save Boeing through the difficult scenario and help it attract even more customers. Boeing also experienced many difficult problems in order that it can create new, ground breaking, and better airplane than the Airbus's. Additionally , Boeing as well had to give answers to many questions including, with what features and supplies airplanes it has to make, the right way to collect items and so on. After that, it did start to explore as to what types of airplane the clients are expected from Boeing. After using research, Boeing knew that the airplane the particular customers want and desire is fuel efficiency, lighter, speeder and so forth But , this brought even more problems once again to Boeing because it got headaches to perform the plane which customers are expected and want. Regardless if Boeing experienced these challenges, it fixed them because of information technologies. The new airline, which is called Dreamliner 787, was declared in 2002. As Soon as the Dreamliner was presented to clients, its purchases were improved very swiftly because this aircraft provides lots of benefits and ground breaking things pertaining to the customers. The some benefits are: User-friendly cockpit

The cockpit contains Head-Up Display which is displayed the data on the screen. It implies if something goes wrong, it can be reported to ground-based computer. So , it improves security. It is lighter weight and quicker

50 percent of the dreamliner is done by light carbon. Therefore it makes an airplane brighter and more quickly. Windows

Dreamliner's windows are taller and bigger. It also has digital dimmers that makes the shades dark or perhaps light. Less fuel

Dreamliner is less 20 percent fuel than...