Events Prior to the American Revolution Composition

Situations Leading to the American Revolution

The American Revolution was a gradual process. It did not happen over night. We were little by little pushed there by the British. They 1st gave all of us the right to govern ourselves, and implement our laws such as the no taxation without rendering law in Pennsylvania. Just then to impose trade restrictions such as the Navigation Functions, Sugar Take action, and the Stamp Act. The British also set limitations on where the Colonists may settle as with the Aveu of 1763, and finally fresh taxes which usually there were various that the English language imposed. The people in America got left European countries to get away through the monarch's great rule and persecution. The monarch naturally the settlers with noble charters which will allowed them the same legal rights as they could have in England. Just to have the monarch in the end remove their privileges and liberties as Englishmen, and to misuse the British right to accumulate taxes with the proper portrayal. All of this pressed us to create our stand against the cruelty of Great Great britain, and to claim our Freedom in the American Revolution. Early on in the settlement of the Colonies there was a shift in priorities from finding gold to a contemporary society that valued family. Therefore you have an increase in the population where there is now a purpose for more schools, churches, and also other town system. With these advances there became a much more educated populace that helped aid in the progression and growth of new contemporary thinkers just like Benjamin Franklin and his efforts to the Groupe during the Age of Enlightenment. Because of the growth in population people began negotiating further and additional west impeding on French and Indian lands triggering friction that might later led to the French and Indian War. A challenge over area in the American Ohio Valley between the Indians, French, Pennsylvanians, and Virginians brought about french Indian several year battle. The 1st battle in the Seven Year War took place in May of 1754...