Early Lake Valley Cultures Essay

п»їEarly Riv Valley Cultures:

Sumerian World - Tigris & Euphrates Rivers (Mesopotamia) Egyptian World - Nile River

Harappan Civilization -- Indus Riv 

Old China - Huang This individual (Yellow) Riv


Flat plain known as Mesopotamia is situated between the two rivers in SW Asia(Middle East)
. For that reason region's shape and the richness of it is soil(silt) it truly is called the Fertile New-moon, the rivers flood unpredictably. Sumerians had been first to settle in this region, attracted by the silt. Disadvantages / Environmental Problems

1 . Unpredictable flooding / dry summertime

2 . Simply no natural limitations for safety

3. Limited natural methods - natural stone, wood, steel


1 . Water sources systems

2 . Built metropolis walls with mud stones and ziggurats

3. Exchanged with people surrounding them 
for these products they was missing SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY

1 . One of the first writing systems – Cuneiform

installment payments on your Invented tyre, the travel, the plow

3. 1st to use fermete.


1 ) Sargon of Akkad (Akkadian Empire)- 1st empire

2 . Hammurabi of Babylon (Babylonian Empire)- initial law code



Nile River

1 ) Egypt's pay outs arose along narrow remove of land made suitable for farming by the water 2 . Yearly/predictable flooding and harvesting- agriculturally wealthy 3. Intricate network of water sources ditches
 and were remote by cataracts, deserts, as well as the Mediterranean Sea some. Worshiped as a god – giver of life(river increased life) EGYPT'S GOVERNMENT

Contrary to Sumer, no independent city-states in Egypt

The Pharaoh– the ruler of Egypt they were regarded gods; dished up both personal and religious roles Vizier- highest established in pharaoh's bureaucracy to make sure governors did their particular jobs and made sure that everything was working well Sort of government where the political rulers are thought to be divinely-guided, or even work themselves is a theocracy. RELIGION/CULTURE

1 ) Polytheistic like Mesopotamians

installment payments on your Belief in afterlife and built pyramids and practiced mummification three or more. Women acquired more legal rights, they may own area

4. Pictographs developed into hieroglyphics, which was drafted on papyrus Egyptians conquered by Nubians- African empire in Sudan


The Indus Pit civilization blossomed around two, 500 M. C. in the western element of South Asia, 
in what today is Pakistan and western India. PROBLEMS

1 ) unpredictable rivers
(similar situation to Mesopotamia region) 2 . good winds as well as monsoons


1 . Mindful city planners; laid out in grid with a defendable citadel(city-state) a couple of, Engineered complex plumbing and sewage systems


1 ) The lake may have got changed program, natural catastrophe (caused by heavy monsoons) 2 . The folks may have got overworked the land
(overcutting woods, overgrazed, overfarmed land depleting nutrients) several. Invasion of Aryans- Indo-European speaking persons from north of the Hindu Kush mtns crossed Khyber Pass CHINA


1 . China was isolated geographically, cut off from trade, nevertheless traded LIFESTYLE

1 . Initially written records
- calligraphy publishing, symbols represented ideas not really sounds installment payments on your Sharp split between king's nobles plus the peasants

several. Emphasis on relatives, respect of parents veneration of ancestors-worshipping deceased ancestors to posses capacity to influence future life some. Oracle our bones used to talk to the gods

The Fertile New-moon is a section of the Middle East where a number of the world's first civilizations started out. In ancient times the land there was clearly fertile, or perhaps good for growing crops. On the map, the land forms the shape of any crescent celestial satellite. The Suitable for farming Crescent stretches from the Persian Gulf to the Nile Water valley. It provides the areas generally known as Mesopotamia