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By ldjohnson | Feb. 2013

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November twenty eight, 2012

MAR 4156- 12Fall_0001

Case Study #3

Case 13-2: Scotch Whisky in Cina: A Taste of the Great Life 1 ) Why are Diageo, Pernod Ricard, and other online marketers of global state of mind brands localizing advertising campaigns in emerging market segments?

Diageo, Ricard, and other marketers of global state of mind brands will be localizing their advertising campaigns in emerging marketplaces because not any two countries or their particular inhabitants happen to be alike. Every country contains a diverse pair of consumers that have got specific tastes and personal preferences based on location, religion, era, religion, love-making, education, and social and economic course as well as buyer perceptions which in turn global brands, specifically global spirits brands, should pay close attention when choosing advertising campaigns to promote all their product(s).

The advertising campaign each state of mind brand uses in their web host country can often be misinterpreted in global marketplaces and therefore must be localized to that specific industry. Each manufacturer must know and understand how all their target audience will interpret the message their particular advertising campaign can be sending, which is done by understanding culture. When it comes to Scotch bourbon, a drink extensively associated with " aspirational desired goals such as achievement and achievements, ” global spirits brands advertising in emerging market segments, such as China and tiawan or India, must figure out " the things which constitute " achievement” change from culture to culture” since BBH staffers for the Jonnie Walker brand will (Keegan & Green, 2011). Americans are known to constitute wealth with income and therefore are more materialistic while additional cultures " define accomplishment more with regards to whether their particular work supports their family life” (Segar, 2011). A good example of cultural meaning or " constitution” of wealth contained in the case is China's. In China...