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April twenty two, 2013

Special all

I was writing to ask for your aid in a life-changing experience: Foreign YMCA Global Teens. Global Teens is known as a dynamic children program that challenges young people to engage in the journey of global exploration and cultural captivation. Teen members accomplish this through interacting with young adults and adults from their host location, taking part in a meaningful community services project, and learning about distinct cultures by using a short-term captivation experience. This year Global Teens will travel to California, Republic of chile, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and South Africa. The International YMCA Global Teens program aims to promote serenity, tolerance and cultural understanding, while encouraging teens to become true global citizens.

As you know, this young people encounter tremendous difficulties. The Intercontinental YMCA can be working hard to give teenagers the resources they need to overcome these issues and to reach their full potential. Although we cannot do it only, the YMCA does not include sufficient funding to provide financing for all individuals. For this reason every single teen must do their own fundraising in order to ensure that they could afford the trip. I need the help to get the 2013 Global Teens program to make $2477 in order to travel to Chile and be involved in an arts focused service-learning project dealing with the Mapuche community.

I seriously hope that you will consider a present that will help me personally to join a global Teens program this year. You might wish to send out your contribution directly to myself, mail that to the Foreign YMCA (5 West 63rd Street, NEW YORK, NY 10023) and reference point my brand, or help to make a general contribution to the International YMCA Global Teens Program. However you decide to make your gift, you will enable a teen to experience a positive life-changing experience. I want to thank your thought.


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