cfgy Dissertation

The Nativity


Narrator -Milo

Innkeeper- Hugo

Joseph- Charles


Donkey- Hugo

Gabriel - George

Angel -Alexi

Shepherds- Angus, Tuomas

Smart Men-Nikita, Will certainly, Toby

Jesus- Lachlan

Costume designer – Hugo, George, Milo


(Gabriel occurs to the stage and goes up to the middle, facing the audience. This individual raises his arms and goes to the spine of the level. � Martha comes onto the stage and sits down on a box. ) George: (angel Gabriel): " Hello for you – you are very unique! God is with you. ” Milo: " But Martha found it hard to understand why the angel had arrive to see her. She was just an normal woman. She worried the particular angel meant by the greeting. Seeing the girl was frightened, the angel said” ANGEL: " You afraid, Martha. God is incredibly pleased with you. You will give birth to a son. You will call him Jesus. He will probably be known as the Kid of the Most Excessive. ' JANE: " I actually don't understand. I am not married – I was a virgin. How can I have got a child? ” ANGEL: " The Holy Soul will come. Fantastic power provide you with a special baby who will to be called Jesus”. MARY: " I was a servant of God. I believe it can happen because you have said. ” (Mary works off the level and gets Joseph. � They the two run back again onto the stage and Mary " tells” him the good news. � They look content and embrace each other. That they leave the stage. ) Narrator: " Months pass. � Paul and Jane hear that they must go Bethlehem to be counted. � Mary is worried about exploring so far. � Joseph tells her that he includes a plan. ” (Enter Paul and Jane riding a donkey)

Narrator: " Many individuals were on the road to Bethlehem. � Frederick and Mary travelled with them. � Joseph wandered while Martha rode for the donkey. ”

Narrator: " Mary was very fatigued when they found last. And there was no place for them to stay. ”

FREDERICK: " Make sure you, please support! My wife is all about to have a baby. Do you have an area? ”

INNKEEPER: " Number ” (points at donkey) runs to floor- donkey noise** " but there's a stable around the back”- points at...