Catt Dissertation

Student Name: Catianna Rivera

Advisor Name: Giacalone

Objective B: Defining the Goal


* justifies efficiently the topic of fascination, the focus part of interaction and an achievable and appropriately challenging goal 5. creates appropriately rigorous technical specs for evaluating the project's outcome/product.

My topic is: Bullying

My personal product is: Intimidation Survey

My own area of inteaction is: Health and Social Education

Write 1 to 2 paragraphs describing how the topic and product fit with your area of interaction.

I feel that the spot of interaction that I select fits flawlessly into my topic. The AOI i chose was health and social education. The reason why I feel that this is certainly appropriate is because bullying is actually a social point and it can intervene with a individual's health. Also, health and sociable education is where an individual is aware of their particular social environment and their personal being and someone else's well being as well. This would make the best deal because it can prove some figures about lovato and it can provide good useful information on intimidation and to educate people surrounding them about the dangers of lovato.

You are going to create your own definition of accomplishment for your merchandise. Start by writing one to two paragraphs about how you imagine your product will probably be in its final state.

I will be putting together a survey and a fundraiser to a bullying awareness group. We imagine my personal product released slightly different than I hope for this to come out. Right now, the purpose of my own survey should be to prove a lot of stereotypes regarding bullying and also to see other people incite in bullying. The results We receive through the surveys Let me put the information concerning my trifold and put the results in my own essay.

Create a checklist of characteristics the product may have.

An acceptable variation of my own product includes:

* survey

* statistics

* information

* Studio

* images

A highly successful version of my product...