Essay in Behaviourist Strategy PY1 SW

One strength of the Behaviourist Approach is the fact it is a medical approach because it has clear and measurable variables (stimulus, response and reinforcer) that allows scientific trials to be conducted. For example , Skinner's conducted a great experiment to provide operant fitness where the independent variable was your reinforcer (food pellet) and the electric distress (punishment) plus the dependent variable was the rate of recurrence of handle pressing. This is a power as technological experiments give strong target data rather than inferences which can support the approach and it's theories. Also objective info is useful to provide patients with as they love to know there is evidence the treatment is successful as opposed to the therapist simply saying it really is. Scientific data can also be used produce predictions regarding the world about us. Another strength is the approach has received successful applications. For example , systematic desensitisation (SD) has shown to get a 75% success rate in treating phobic disorders (McGrath 1990). Also, the utilization of operant health and fitness has been utilized in educational institutions through the use of housepoints as confident reinforcement and detentions because punishments in order to shape behaviour. This is a strength because the approach is useful for the world around us and has superior people's standard of living by treating disorders and helped train discipline to children in order to aid learning.

A weakness of the Behaviourist Approach is that it is determinist in that it suggests our behaviour is decided for us through observation, associations and strengthening rather than us deciding our behaviour with the use of free will. For example , if perhaps someone was aggressive this method would suggest that they are both modelling actions they have discovered, they have observed rewards intended for aggression or they have been paid for violence in the past themselves (such since by getting attention). This really is a weak spot as it gives justifications intended for...