Traits of your Healthy Family Essay

Qualities of a Healthy and balanced Family

The healthy family members....

1 . Convey and listens.

2 . States and helps one another.

several. Teaches respect for additional.

4. Grows a sense of trust.

5. Provides a sense of play and humor.

6th. Exhibits a sense of shared responsibility.

7. Teaches a sense of right and incorrect.

8. Has a strong sense of relatives in which traditions and traditions abound. 9. Has a balance of discussion among associates.

10. Includes a shared spiritual core.

eleven. Respects the privacy of one another.

12. Values service to others.

13. Fosters relatives table some conversation.

14. Shares free time.

15. Admits to and seeks aid in problems.


1 . The family shows an unusual relationship between the parents. (shared electricity - democratic principals for work)

installment payments on your The family has control over television. (communication and connection have larger priority than television)

several. The family listens and responds. (Active listening skills) 4. The family identifies nonverbal text messages.

5. The family promotes individual feelings and self-employed thinking. 6th. The friends and family recognizes turn-off words and put-down keyword phrases. 7. The family interrupts, but evenly.

8. The family grows a routine of reconciliation.



1 . The fogeys have very good self esteem, share a sense of purpose, and acknowledge the need to actively build self confidence in their children.

2 . Most people are expected to agree and support.

3. The family understands that support doesn't imply pressure.

some. The family's basic feelings is great.

5. The family supports its establishments, but not automatically. THE HEALTHIER FAMILY INSTRUCTS RESPECT INDIVIDUALS

1 . The family values individual dissimilarities within the family members. 2 . The family knows that self-respect means just that - respect intended for self. three or more. The family members affords value to all groupings, not just specifically approved types. 4. The family respects individual decisions.

5. The...