Reaction to Content: Are Small Cities a Desirable Planning Goal Essay

Reaction Newspaper: Are Compact Cities a Desirable Planning Goal?

The article authored by Peter Gordon and Harry W. Richardson entitled; Are Compact Metropolitan areas a Desirable Planning Goal? displays various quarrels against the basis for compact urban centers to become applied. They use the town of Barcelone in the beginning from the article to compare this with metropolitan areas in the United States. Throughout the article a large number of topics and arguments will be discussed which are; agricultural property, density personal preferences, energy surplus, the scope for flow, suburbanization and congestion, the efficiency of compactness, technology and agglomeration-congestion trade-offs, downtowns in eclipse, rent-seeking and politics, compactness and collateral, and competition among cities. From problems displayed inside the article, many valuable arguments could be decided with. The authors applied valuable info from earlier research carried out on the topics discussed in presenting their very own argument against compact towns.

Two details from the article were deemed most interesting. The issues of density preferences and strength glut discussed by the creators were quite interesting and have manufactured a valid point. First of all as discussed in the article regarding density personal preferences, the writers make it clear that most people favored low-density living as opposed to high-density living. As stated by Gordon and Richardson, " The decision for low-density living is usually influenced by instruments endorsing suburbanization, such as: preferential tax treatment of mortgage interest, subsidies to automobile use, and interstate highway system" (Gordon and Richardson, 96). The previous quote pinpoints the preference people have regarding suburbanization. Due to preferential tax treatment of home loan interest, subsidies to auto use, and interstate highway systems low-density living is preferred. One great factor also concerning low-density preference is the fact that that more money are given to highways and...