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I'd the chance to speak to a collection in a school lately about technology. Apple, the penultimate head (tic) is absolutely an design company but isn't going to innovate around technology - even more around consumer knowledge, companions and linkages and materials. Up to my design pals might ache to say it, there's a lot of development occurring that has little or nothing to do with technology.

Engineering technology is certainly in fact a component of technology typically, and all advancement is certainly not really technology technology while all executive advancement is definitely creativity. Certainly a range are of businesses that innovate around technology and analysis, therefore I perform not really desire to reduce the importance of anatomist in invention. Apple, the penultimate creator (tic) can be in fact a technology corporation but will not really innovate around technology - even more around user-experience, linkages and companions and details. As much as it may discomfort my executive pals to state this, there is a lot of innovation happening that has little or nothing to do with engineering.


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